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Q & A with Paige Alms
By Amee Donohoe

Ok so Paige you just towed monstrous Jaws want to tell us about that?

1. Jaws is a pretty special place, as anywhere with huge giant waves. It’s definitely a spiritual wave, you show up on the ski and you sit there in awe of what you are seeing. These past few sessions have been all time, big, perfect, and I’ve got to see some of my friends get the waves of their lives!

Just in case you were being modest how big was it?
2. Huge the first few days this winter, this last swell that was on Surfline was 15 ft, super fun…

How big do you want to go?
3. As big as it gets, one step at a time… you can’t just jump into towing jaws, you have to pay your dues and climb the ladder. Peahi is a wave unlike any other.


The Eddie had perfect big wave conditions this year; do you feel that a woman will ever be invited to compete?
4. The Eddie is insane! Until a woman really pushes the limits out there, I doubt we will ever see a woman invited.

It’s a well know fact or it should be that you charge how do you build up to surfing waves like that?
5. Ha-ha… Surfing everyday! If you have to train for something you’re not really ready for it? Nah, I do a little training outside of surfing, but being in the water and reading the ocean is the best training there is.

How often do you get to challenge yourself in waves like that? Do you track swells during the winter months?
6. I get to tow whenever the waves are good, luckily for us, Maui has some of the best outer reefs in Hawaii, and this winter has been awesome! I always see winter swells going other places I’d love to go, but with no sponsor I’m just working with what I got…

Do you get anxious? Like can you sleep the night before knowing your about to surf massive waves?
7. I definitely get anxious, but it’s a good anxious… If it’s big you can hear the waves from my house, so that’s a nice thing to wake up to!

I’m sure you equipment is crucial what type of board do you use?

8. For any and all conditions, I ride SOS surfboards. My shaper happens to be my fiancé’, so I get to dial in all of my boards down to the last millimeter. For towing, I have a 5’8, and a 5’10. Magic beauties! Who is your tow partner? Do you trust them enough to bail you out of a heavy situation if you were caught in the impact zone?

9. My tow partner is my fiancé’, Sean Ordonez. I trust him with my life; he always picks me the good ones. Sometimes I get my friends Marlon or Albee to tow me so Sean can watch! He likes seeing what the boards are doing.

Speaking of impact zones, did you get caught in any?
10. You always get pounded; I’ve had some bad hold downs at some outer reefs here, but luckily not at Peahi yet… You gotta pay your dues…

Do you feel that there is enough opportunity and support for you to become a big wave female surfer?
11. I’d love to think there is enough opportunity to be a big wave surfer, that’s what I want to do! But I also want to do a few comps. The surf industry seems to pick their girls and stick to um. There are a few girls towing and paddling into big waves, yet they can’t do a proper turn on a 5 foot wave. I’m trying to show people that I can and want to do everything!

I’m aware KK was towing that day as well was it rad to be able to experience this with another female surfer. Did you feel you push each other to go bigger?

12. Ya, KK has wanted to tow Peahi for a while now, so we saw this swell coming with good winds, and she came over and stayed with us. I love having her around, I definitely feel like she pushes the level of women’s surfing, and can’t wait to do some trips together! Such an awesome person!

I think you’re doing a great job of inspiring female surfers to not box themselves into limitations keep up the good work Paige.

Quick Hits

Perfect Honolulu bay or Jaws?

The bay if it’s not crowded, but I like jaws with a few skis!

WQS or Big waves?
Big waves!

Rap or rock?

Bikini or Boardies?
Bikini and boardies

Maccas or plate lunch?
Plate lunch for sure!

Training or TV?
Urgh, no TV!

Maui or Oahu?

Maui No Ka Oi!

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