Gear Review: Best Surfboard Bike Racks

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Whether your not old enough to drive or you just like being outside and getting a ton of exercise, having a good pair of bike racks for your surfboard is essential, especially for getting down to Trestles.

Best Surfboard Bike Racks by Carver
I used to ride around with my board under my arm, and then I discovered surfboard racks that attache to your bike. What an awesome discovery; I’ll never go back.

So let’s get to it. The best surfboard bike rack I’ve discovered so far is the CSR Carver Mini Bicycle Surf Rack. They are fairly inexpensive, durable, and posses designed functionality fit for a true hard core surfer.

Key Features:
Easy to assemble
Durable materials
Built in bungee cords
Easy to take on and off
Sturdy frame, board doesn’t bounce

These racks are durable and easy to assemble. If you’re worried that the racks will be too close to your leg, they are not. There is enough room for your foot and leg to peddle without hitting your board.

The racks are stable and your board won’t bounce when you go over a bump or a curb. A nice feature that I really like on these racks are the built in bungee cords. Another awesome feature is how the racks attach to the seat post for easy removal.

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