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The Waterfi iPod Shuffle is just like any other iPod, but it’s waterproof.  Waterfi uses a special coating to seal the Shuffle from the inside out. It’s good down to 200+ feet in the ocean, freshwater, and chlorine (if you can find a pool that deep.) All the buttons are fully functional underwater, unlike other waterproof cases.

I’ve had mine for over a year with no complaints and no leaks.  It seems indesctructible.

I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on long sessions in the pool and on ocean swims in protected waters (where I don’t have to listen for boats.) Waterfi is the solution for anybody who gets bored Swimming.

The Headphones:

  • The earbud chord is extremely short. As a swimmer, I like this feature because it means low drag and no tangles–I don’t notice it clipped to my goggle strap. There are other waterproof headphones out there if this is an issue for you.
  • The earbubs are as good as it gets for underwater headphones, but don’t expect the best sound quality. I use different ones on land.
  • NO DIVING. Even though the Waterfi is certified down to 210 feet, the headphones are designed to stay within 10 feet of the surface. Swimming underwater forces the earbuds into your ears (ouch!) and muffles the sound.

Overall, I’d say go for it. This is the best waterproof mp3 player on the market. You can always replace the headphones if they develop something better.
Waterfi also makes a waterproof Kindle and a Nike+ FuelBand.

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