Round 1 of the Roxy Pro 2014

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The first contest of the season started on Friday February 28th at Snapper Rocks in Australia. There were a couple upsets including an interference call on Stephanie Gilmore. Dimity Stoyle was a standout of the day surfing solidly through her heat. Lakey Peterson also looked strong showing some of her tricks up her sleeve with progressive rail grab to tail out reverse. Check out the video highlight to see the sick surfing. Stay tuned for more action by visiting the Roxy Pro 2014 website.

Watch the Dimity Stoyle Heat Recap:

1) A. QUIZON 12.93
2) B. BUITENDAG 9.93

1) P. ADO 11.93
2) C. CONLOGUE 11.83
3) N. VAN DIJK 9.04

1) C. MOORE 15.57
2) M. MANUEL 12.96
3) K. ANDREW 8.93

1) T. WRIGHT 16.06
2) J. DEFAY 12.50
3) A. BLANCHARD 11.00

1) P. HAREB 12.23
2) L. ENEVER 11.90

1) D. STOYLE 17.13
2) L. PETERSON 14.67
3) C. HO 10.07

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