Hiking the Deer Springs Trail in Idyllwild, California

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All You Need to Know About Hiking Deer Springs Trail Idyllwild
There are so many awesome hiking trails in Southern California it’s hard to choose just one.  If you live in the San Diego or Orange County area a great place to go is Idyllwild.

There are many hiking trails in Idyllwild, but the Deer Springs Trail is a popular one because of the intermediate level and breathtaking views.

Quick Trail Tips:
The trail has a moderate climb that takes you up into the tree line
If you plan on hiking up to Suicide Rock it will take you about three hours to get up and two hours to get down, so five hours total.

*Hiking Tip – The rangers take hiking up there very serious. You must go to the ranger station and fill out an Adventure Pass. They only have a certain number available, so if you’re going on a busy weekend, make sure to get one as soon as you get there.

Directions to Idyllwild Ranger Station
After you get your Adventure Pass from the Ranger Station in Idyllwild, you’ll want to find the Deer Springs trailhead. It’s easy to find as it’s right off the main road and there is plenty of markers and road side parking. The trailhead is located right across from the Idyllwild Nature Center.

*Hiking Tip – Make sure you have plenty of water. You’ll need at least 32oz for this hike. If you plan on going all the way to Suicide Rock you’ll want more than that. Look into getting a CamelBak Hydrobak. 


Directions to Deer Springs Trail Head

Directions to Deer Springs Head Trail

The Deer Springs Trail is a moderate to intermediate trail. The hike takes you up in elevation and away from the sounds of the bustling town below. After an hour of hiking the sounds of cars fade and the majestic stillness of the forest settles in while the sounds of nature emerge.



This is about a third of the way up towards the junction. If you climb all the way to Suicide Rock you’ll go much higher than this.

Hiking Tip*.
– If you have weak knees or carrying a heavy load, you’ll want to make sure you have some hiking polls. This will offset any extra weight you’re carrying and prevent your knees from getting sore.

The Deer Springs Trail intersects at a junction point with directions to Suicide Rock. You can turn around here or keep hiking another 1.8 miles to Suicide Rock. It’s more climbing, but it’s worth the amazing views.

If you are a bird watcher you’ll really enjoy this trail as the birds are magnificent. The trail takes you up into the tree line where you find yourself surrounded by giant pine trees.


The pay off at the top is a breathtaking view like this one.


Enjoy the beautiful views and hiking that Idyllwild offers. There are many more hikes there and I can’t wait to find more!

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