Everlast Climbing Re-launches Groperz Climbing Holds

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repost-us-image-12842982The climbing industry is getting a blast from the past along with some dynamic new hand holds with the re-launch of Groperz. The revamped rock climbing hold line includes climbing holds of all varieties—slopers, pinches, edges, feet and more. The revered “classic” holds are available, as well as over 400 exciting new shapes. The original Groperz set names remain the same, along with the mission to offer superior climbing holds that are both functional and aesthetic.

Groperz was originally launched in 1991 and quickly became recognized as a leader in the climbing industry. It was strongly immersed in the climbing gym and home climbing wall worlds and took pride in its devoted following of world-class climbers. In the mid ‘90’s, Groperz’s focus shifted slightly as Everlast Climbing became the top manufacturer of climbing walls in schools. Each of those school climbing walls hosted a rich variety of Groperz climbing holds. Nearly two million Groperz rock climbing holds have been manufactured to date and are being climbed on by youth in all 50 states.

It was at a friend’s BBQ where the idea to re-launch Groperz came about. “I met a climber and we started talking about climbing and our favorite hand hold manufacturers. He was nostalgic about Groperz climbing holds that he said ‘were no longer available,’” reminisced Tim Sudeith, General Manager and founder of Everlast Climbing and Groperz. “I was happy that Groperz was remembered fondly, but saddened that climbers didn’t know that our holds were still available.”

The Groperz re-launch is supported by a new website that offers a modern, minimalistic appearance. It features a fully-responsive design, product filtering capabilities and one page checkout. Online shoppers will also benefit from product reviews and ratings. New social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have also been established. “I’m really excited about the Groperz re-launch and with the opportunity to provide outstanding hand holds and service to our original customer base in addition to the youth market,” added Sudeith.

About Everlast Climbing
Everlast Climbing offers a dynamic variety of climbing wall systems for indoor and outdoor use, including Top Rope Climbing walls, Traverse Walls, Climbing Boulders and Pool Climbing Walls. It is the exclusive and original manufacturer of Groperz climbing holds. The company is headquartered in Mendota Heights, MN, and is a division of PlayCore of Chattanooga, TN. More information is available about Everlast Climbing at http://www.everlastclimbing.com. More information is available about Groperz at http://www.groperz.com.

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