Alexis Sablone Wins X Games Women’s Street 2015

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Results for X Games Women’s Skateboard Street 2015

Alexis Sablone is a talented skater and an Ivey League graduate. She’s got the brains and the bronze, or should I say Gold. It’s no surprise that she took home the gold given all her hard work.

Alexis Sablone – X Games Street Gold

Pamela Rosa – X Games Street Silver

Vanessa Torres – X Games Street Bronze


Overall Results:
Rank Name                         Run 1  Run 2  Run 3  Best
1 Alexis Sablone                 89.66  56.33  92.00  92.00
2 Pamela Rosa                   86.00  81.00  79.00  86.00
3 Vanessa Torres               78.00  70.33  68.33  78.00
4 Leticia Bufoni                 57.33  76.33  40.33  76.33
5 Lacey Baker                    69.66  75.66  61.00  75.66
6 Marisa Dal Santo          52.00  59.66  36.00  59.66

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