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If you would like to contribute to, please send us an email. Please include a brief bio, a headshot, and a writing sample that you would like to see published.

For photographers, please include a link to your work, and if you’d like to submit a gallery, it’s best to send twenty captioned images sized at 1200 x 695 px.

By submitting content to, you acknowledge that you own full rights to your submission and consent to publishing it on and release of any liabilities concerning your submission. Any inaccuracies in published content must be redressed by the author as soon as they are discovered.

We encourage our readers to be a part of the action! Please send us your amazing adventure stories, activism that you’re involved in, awesome videos and/or photos. We will include an author bio at the bottom of your page and share it with all our friends.

Contributor Guidelines

Submit original content. We love content that you create especially for us. You can submit content you have already published elsewhere, as long as the byline matches your name and you own the copyright.

Be yourself: authentic and unique  Please submit content on topics that you’re passionate, knowledgeable, and insightful about. Use the first-person voice when appropriate, and make clear in your content how your personal experiences inform your statements and topic choices.

Suggested length Please keep the article around 400-600 words. Use bulleted points to make your article more compact and easy to read.

Category Descriptions

Action Life is looking for articles in the following categories:

Headlines: Any breaking news story relating to outdoor lifestyle, travel, health, tech, and art.

Water- Anything relating to getting in the water. Surf, SUP, snorkel, free diving, kayak, body surfing, body boarding, mat surfing, etc.
Mountain- Hiking, biking, camping, climbing, etc
Skate- longboard, shortboard, ramp, street, bowl.
Street- Biking, running, etc.
Gear- Review products and gear.
Mind Body- Health related activities. Yoga, meditation, nutrition.

Travel: This category is specifically about travel tips and feature article stories. If you don’t have a recent travel story to tell, maybe you have some great tips to share. This could be anything about travel like “the best places to travel for surfing with your kids” or “top credit cards to use when traveling.”

Culture- Any type of festival or article about an artist in a foreign country or an artist profile that is doing cool stuff in the outdoor lifestyle community.

Mediums- This category highlights different types of art mediums. Could be drawing, water color, wood block carving, etc.
Music- This section is about highlighting artist and concerts.
Career-  This section is for people who are am passionate about business and are looking to empower people through telling their story.  This section is for offering insights for how to develop a career or business in the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you want to become your own business owner or just want to be a park ranger, this section is meant to help people or inspire them to create a career doing something they love. Action Life is also very interested in stories about trends in business that favor the environment.
Marketing-  Articles could be about marketing trends, tips for marketing your business, etc.
Tech- This section is about new technologies that are helping people in the outdoor lifestyle space or just helping people in general.
Take Action: These two categories are sort of the same, but I wanted to make them separate because I wanted them to both be a focus. I want environmentalism to stand out mostly and categories all other forms of activism together.




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