Interview with Surf Diva Marketing Coordinator: Iris Hrabe-Ritzert

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Iris has what some people might say, a dream job. Every day she clocks in at the world famous Surf Diva surf shop in La Jolla, California. Just minutes from the Ja Jolla Shores, Iris helps run the  show. From organizing the surf instructors to making sure all the clients are in the right class, she is the one of the main “go to people.”

We were about to get a moment of her time to find our more about her life and how she got involved with Surf Diva.

Where are you from and how long have you been living in the US?
I am from Bavaria, Germany and moved to the US in the summer of 2012. So it’s been almost 3 years.

What outdoor activities are you most passionate about?
I started snowboarding at age 12 and still feel the most comfortable in the mountains. Ever since my first summer on the French Atlantic coast with my now husband more than 10 years ago, I love surfing, too. Hiking is one of my favorites as well!

Surf Diva Marketing Coordinator Iris

What other activities do you love to do?
I love streetwear, fashion, I am a little bit into photography, love zumba, practice yoga, enjoy hiking and riding my motorscooter!

Motorscooter with surf board

How did you get a job involved with what you love to do?
After my masters in sports science & media in Munich, I did two 6-months internships. One at ispo, a big international sporting goods and fashion trade show in Europe, and one at the German GSM Headquarters (Billabong, Element, RVCA & VonZipper). I was very enthusiastic about board sports, came in with a little bit of experience and got hired as a full time employee there.

What is your daily routine like?
There is really only one daily routine: Open one eye and check the buoys on my phone. What they report, sets the day. I’d like to check it on the Buyo app (yes, no miss-spelling & great for real-time surf reports and personalized surf recommendations). I love to go surf in the early morning. Some days we have meetings at the office, or if we have a surf or SUP retreat going on, then I go for a surf at lunch break or after work.

Iris surfing

What do you love most about your job?
It’s so versatile and it is at the beach. As a marketing coordinator I help the Divas with anything from social media, to advertising and any form of communication. I love being creative and finding solutions. I am also our “Destinations Diva”, which means I handle all bookings and arrangements for the Surf Diva trips, such as the Costa Rica retreats.

Any cool surf trips or adventures coming up?
Crossing the border and surfing Baja Mexico during short trips is so fun, I just got back, planning the next one in my head already. Also really hope, that our friend El Nino will bring a few dumps in the mountains this winter!

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever surfed?
My favorite place to surf at is Hawaii, definitely surfed my best waves so far there. However, my favorite surf trip as a whole was Indonesia. It is such a rich and welcoming culture, the food is amazing and the waves are great! Costa Rica is very cool for shorter trips, I love the south american “cuisine” and their lifestyle and the waves are great almost year-round!

What’s you number one surf tip?
I am far from being a pro or an instructor, but from my point of view, I think the most important lesson I have learned is to not rush getting in the water. Always check your spot for a little bit, wait for a set or two, even if it’s your home break.

Where can we follow your adventures?
Come surf at Surf Diva Surf School (we also do coaching, if you already know how to surf or SUP, guys are welcome, too) or join one of the Surf Diva Retreats in Costa Rica!!

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