La Maestra “The Teacher” Premiers in Mexico

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La Maestra is a documentary about a woman from Baja, Mexico, who is a teacher that surfs. In this small rural town in Mexico, surfing is considered an activity for men. Yet in this town there is a woman named Mayra who is an avid surfer as well as a teacher at the local school.  Mayra’s family thought she was crazy when she started surfing. After they saw how much she enjoyed the activity, the started supporting her. This documentary is about how Mayra became an inspiration in her community through surfing and a role model to her students.

The film premiered recently in Mayra’s town where half the town showed up to watch the free screening.

The town was so proud of Mayra and really liked the film. It was very rewarding after a year of hard work. We also presented Mayra with a new longboard, made especially for her by Marc Andreini. Thank you Marc for your generosity in donating the board to our project!! – Elizabeth Pepin Silva

LaMeistra Surfboard

Mayra didn’t own her own board. Now she does.


If you happen to be in Southwest France July 10 to 12th, don’t miss the International Surf Film Festival in Anglet (near Biarritz). La Maestra will be making it’s European debut on Saturday, July 11 at 10pm at the outdoor screening venue right on the beach. We hope to see all our European friends there.

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To learn more visit:

La Maestra Facebook page

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